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McMahon Thomas Homer Reid

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A tenure-track faculty position in a department of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, chemistry, or similar field.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

PhD in Physics, February 2011
Thesis: Fluctuating Surface Currents: A New Algorithm for Efficient Prediction of Casimir Interactions among Arbitrary Materials in Arbitrary Geometries

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

BA in Physics, June 1998
Certificate in Electrical Engineering


Fluent written and spoken Japanese.
Native Tokyo accent; extensive technical and scientific vocabulary.

Proficient written and spoken Mandarin Chinese.
Four years' study at university level.

Work Experience

9/2012 -- present
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Instructor, Dept. of Mathematics
1/2005 -- 8/2012
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant in Computational Physics
  • Developed the first quantum-mechanical simulator capable of predicting Casimir forces in arbitrary 3D geometries.
  • Computational quantum mechanics: Kubo-formula and NEGF methods for modeling transport in nanoscale systems. Acceleration techniques for large-scale problems in quantum chemistry (contracted Gaussian orbitals).
  • Computational electrodynamics: boundary-element solvers for problems in electrostatics and full-wave electrodynamics.
  • Numerical linear algebra: Iterative methods for large linear systems. PFFT and fast-multipole algorithms for abstract matrix-vector products.
9/2002 -- 1/2005
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Research Assistant in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Fabrication of semiconductor devices: optical lithography, wet etching, evaporation, bonding. GaAs/Si wafer processing.
  • Design of ultra-high-performance cryogenic electronic circuits using GaAs HEMTs.
  • Operation of a Helium-3 cryostat capable of operation at 300 milliKelvin.

11/1998 -- 3/2003
Agere Systems, Allentown, PA
Lucent Technologies Microelectronics, Tokyo, Japan
Member of Technical Staff, RF and Analog IC Design
  • Design and simulation of all building-block circuits for modern RF communication systems: LNAs, mixers, PLLs, filters, opamps, bandgap references, baseband circuitry, 0--3 GHz frequency range. Deep submicron CMOS, bipolar, and SiGe process technologies.
  • Physical design (layout) and verification of RF integrated circuits.
  • Comprehensive mastery of Cadence Analog Artist design suite for IC design, simulation and layout. Please see my collection of resources for these tools at http://homerreid.ath.cx/misc/index.shtml#artist.
  • VHDL and Verilog design of digital integrated circuits: serial interface circuits and sigma/delta modulators.
6/1997 -- present
M. T. Homer Reid Japanese Translation Services
Professional Japanese--to--English Translation
  • My side business. Product manuals, technical specifications, press releases, internal corporate documents, patent applications, textbook chapters, full books. Needless to say, I specialize in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, or mathematics content.
  • Affordable rates! No project too big or too small. Call now!

Representative Publications

  1. M. T. H. Reid, J. White, and S. G. Johnson, “Computation of Casimir interactions between arbitrary three-dimensional objects with arbitrary material properties, ” Physical Review A (Rapid Communications), vol. 84, p. 010503, July 2011. [ DOI | arXiv ]
  2. M. T. H. Reid, A. W. Rodriguez, J. White, and S. G. Johnson, “Efficient Computation of Casimir Interactions Between Arbitrary 3d Objects,” Physical Review Letters, vol. 103, p. 040401, July 2009. Invited paper in August 3, 2009, issue of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology. [ DOI | arXiv | ]

(See my complete publication list.)

Leadership and
Volunteer Activities

  • Founder, MIT Physics REFS
    A counseling and mediation resource for MIT Physics graduate students. Completed 35-hour mediation training course designed for professional mediators. Designed business cards, created website, organized publicity efforts. Advised and assisted several generations of students through crises in their graduate careers.

  • Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

    Have been "matched" for biweekly outings with two underprivileged Boston-area youths since 2006.


Hobby Electronics
Please see my project collection at http://homerreid.ath.cx/misc/index.shtml.
Past projects include:

Piano, Classical Guitar
Please listen to some of my recordings at http://homerreid.ath.cx/music/index.shtml.

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